Rauma has the most complete range of yarns and accessories. For enduring classics, Rauma transforms pure Norwegian wool of the finest alpaca, silk and mohair into the most durable quality yarn.

  • Røros Lamullgarn, or “Lamb’s Wool Yarn,” is perfect for soft, light-weight garments, felting and weaving.
  • 2tr. Gammelserie, or “Old Series,” has extra twist and is ideal for traditional mittens, socks, hats and sweaters.
  • Finullgarn, or “Fine Wool Yarn,” is ideal for sweaters, hats and mittens as well as for felting. Finer than Strikkegarn, Finullgarn has a very wide range of colors.
  • 3tr. Strikkegarn, or “Knitting Yarn,” is the most traditional Norwegian yarn used for hats, mittens and sweaters.
  • Petter, a superwash wool perfect for those who want to knit colorwork designs but want the easy care of a machine wash garment.
  • Vamsegarn (Vam/PT3), a pure wool yarn, easy to knit and creates light and soft yet warm garments. Great for felting.
  • Baby Panda is made from the first wool shearing. It is a very soft, machine-washable yarn for baby and adult garments.
  • Tumi, a 50% wool/50% alpaca blend. It is a fingering weight and can be used in place of Finullgarn for those who want a softer option.
  • Mitu, a heavier weight 50% wool/50% alpaca yarn great for outerwear and hats.
  • PT Pandora, a fingering weight 100% Pima Cotton. This cotton was manufactured specifically for clothing, so it will not stretch.
  • PT Petunia, a DK weight 100% Pima Cotton specifically spun for use in clothing. The perfect substitute for Strikkegarn, Petter and Mitu for wool allergies.
  • PT Helårsgarn, a worsted weight cotton.
  • Ryegarn, a rug yarn, great for knitting or weaving.
  • 2-ply Prydvevgarn, a 100% wool weaving yarn. The heavier 2-ply version of the Prydvevgarn that comes in 100 gram skeins.

Special Orders


Perfect for combining with other yarns and for projects knit on larger needles.


16/2 100% linen weaving yarn.


Tapestry weaving yarn.


Wool yarn used for fine weaving or embroidery.

See Rauma Ull [Rauma Wool] for a full range of other yarns. All yarns can be special ordered.

Please note that all special orders are full bags only.